marcel wierckx

Marcel Wierckx (Canada/Netherlands, b. 1970) studied instrumental and electronic music composition in Canada before moving to the Netherlands in 1999. There he continued his studies in electronic music composition at the Utrecht School of Music and Technology, where he graduated with honours in 2001. Since then he has been active as a sound and video artist, as well as composing instrumental and electronic music for concert, film, theater and dance.

Marcel composed the soundtrack to the film Tussenland (Sleeping Rough) which was awarded the Tiger Award at the Rotterdam Film Festival, and created the video images for Mensa Secunda which won the prestigious Jur Naessens Prize in 2005. His audiovisual composition Zwarte Ruis Witte Stilte (Black Noise White Silence) has been released on the 12K/Line041 Optofonica DVD. Marcel teaches Music Technology, Software Design and Composition at the Utrecht School of Music and Technology.

collaboration with anoukvandijk dc:
Mensch (composition / sound design)
Muze (composition / live performance)