danilo tesi

‘What I really like about Anouk's work is the strong fusion of theatricality and physicality. Her works are never banal and I never have the impression of looking at something that is just happening for the sake of being pretty. Being part of the new creation is great, because everything is so connected to one another from the first moment in the morning to the last minutes of a day. Even though our days are divided into different sections, the principles that we use in class apply to the later rehearsals as well, so in the end I always feel like I could dive into a full-range experience and really understand something. The Countertechnique itself is great to train my body and mind on a daily basis. I feel that it supplies me with an enormous amount of practical tools to be able to move and direct my body better and more efficiently instead of forcing me into a specific image or shape.‘
Danilo Tesi

Danilo started to dance quite late in his life. At the time he was still attending his studies in pyschology at the University of Bochum that he finished successfully in 2010.

After several ballet and contemporary courses in private schools in Germany, he started his professional dance education in the ArtEZ danceacademy in 2008. Since then he danced in works of Ann van den Broek, Ed Wubbe, Einav Eshel, Erik Kaiel, Partick Delcroix, Philip Taylor and Piet Rogie.
He is part of Anouk van Dijk's latest production "Mensch" and will start his internship with the Dansgroep Amsterdam for the upcoming season in August.