roser tutusaus

'Countertechnique is an approach to movement that allows me to work body and mind as one. It brought me to a deeper understanding of how to direct my body, which gives me autonomy as a student and as a dancer.
Apart of the specific movement language, I like the fact that the work is constantly influence by the events in its social surrounding.'
Roser Tutusaus

Roser started to be related to dance through gymnastics. She studied contemporary dance AREA (Espai de Dansa i Creació) in Barcelona at the same time as she was attending her studies of journalism in the University. She decided to jump over to Holland where she is about to finish her studies at Artez Dansacademie. She danced in works of Piet Rogie, Erik Kaiel, Sjoerd Vreugdenhil, Marco Gerris, Einav Eshel and Reut Shemesh.

She had an internship with the choreographer Gioulio D’Anna and theatre director Anouke the Groot before starting with anoukvandijk dc.