Common Ground Dutch and Swedish tour in October

12 sep 2021

We are happy to announce that Anouk's final work for Chunky Move, Common Ground, will be touring the Netherlands and Sweden in October:

A ritualistic battleground for two dance greats, Common Ground is a choreographic game of chess. Ingrained rules are upturned by unexpected moves—intricate gambits, sacrifices and reactive attacks. Together with her team, Anouk looked at the duet form as both a utopian ideal and a display of the inherent complexity that partnerships bring. Performed by two contemporary dance icons, this breathtaking duet has become a poetic study on similarity, equality, defining territory and shifting grounds, testing the tension between the support we need and the restrictions of codependency.

‘Fascinated by the feuds between political leaders on the national and international stage, and the public celebrations of their own reign, I explored the dynamics of power. This took me back to the 17th century, and the birth of ballet. In the court of Louis XIV, dance - for the first time in history - was staged as a spectacle used to solidify absolute monarchy, with King Louis dancing the lead role on his own. In a time where equality is more than ever on the political agenda, I imagined what would have happened if Louis XIV had been performing with an equally strong female in the lead. How would it have shaped our ideas around power and gender? What would have happened to the course of history, the way we fight our battles, value our societies and shape our humanity through art?’ Anouk van Dijk

The Australian press on Common Ground:
Common Ground is a mature work by a choreographer at the height of her powers.
***** The Age

Common Ground is a refreshingly direct duet. The work is an impressive stripping away of artifice, props and technology, to reveal the strength and beauty of the dancers.
****Dance Australia

Common Ground Tour 2021

2 Oct          Dutch Dans Dance Days, Maastricht
7 Oct          Korzo Theater, The Hague
14 Oct        Theater Rotterdam, Rotterdam
17 Oct        Parkstad Limburg Theaters, Kerkrade
21, 22 Oct  Dansens Hus, Stockholm
26 Oct        ITA, Amsterdam
30 Oct        SPRING festival, Utrecht



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Concept, Choreography & Direction Anouk van Dijk
Created for and with Tara Jade Samaya & Richard Cilli
Touring cast 2021 Tara Jade Samaya & Javier García Monzón
Composition & Sound Design Jethro Woodward
Music Jean Baptiste Lully, Johann Sebastian Bach
Set & Costumes Marg Horwell
Light Design Paul Jackson
Dramaturgical advice Jerry Remkes
Duration 62 minutes
Australian seasons Presenter Chunky Move
Chunky Move is supported by Creative Victoria and Australia Council for the Arts
Common Ground Tour 2021 produced by Alles voor de Kunsten
Management Anouk van Dijk Patrick Marin / Stepping Grounds

Special thanks to Rainer Hoffman/SPRING festival and Anita van Dolen/ITA for reigniting the conversation