Borrowed Landscapes (2008)

Just being whom you are, doing what you want to do. To be free is the great idea of our time. We’ve all warmly embraced the belief that tells us ‘the choice is yours’. Looking more closely, our freedom proves to be less unconditional than we like to pretend.

Whether we try to blend in or stand out, break the rules or abide by them, choose to buy or not buy, elect either him or her – in every choice we’re always relating to a much bigger reality, that is in fact far beyond our reach. What freedom do we have to invent ourselves, and to what extent does the experience of our personal lives depend on what we’re constantly being told to think, feel and believe?

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The title Borrowed Landscapes refers to a technique from Japanese gardening, in which the designer makes the garden blend in with its surroundings, so that both elements combine to form a greater whole. The positioning of stones and
pebbles, the movement of wind and water, and the choice between symmetry and asymmetry formed the building blocks and inspiration for Anouk van Dijk’s choreography. Alongside this visible construction, the dancers are also situated in a ‘borrowed landscape’, which is invisible to the audience yet tangibly present. Do the dancers move themselves, or are they being moved? What is steering them – or who?

Premiere: 8 May 2008
Duration: ca. 1 hour and 15 minutes


‘Anouk van Dijk stimulates our imagination by projecting words used by the famous architect Daniel Liebeskind to describe the many facets of space.‘ Ali Mahbouba, Dance Europe, November 2008

‘The language of the dance is very dynamic and determined by wide arm and leg swings.‘ Klaus M. Schmidt, Westdeutsche Zeitung, October 27th 2008


Concept en choreografie Anouk van Dijk Gecreëerd voor en met Peter Cseri | Philipp Fricke | Birgit Gunzl | Angela Lau | Nina Wollny Compositie Hubert Machnik Lichtontwerp Isabel Nielen Dramaturgie Jerry Remkes Kostuumontwerp Aljoscha Zinflou | Anneke Pleiter Geluidsprogrammatuur Jorn van Dijk Techniek licht Jorrit Boerman Techniek geluid Edwin Bakker Videoprogrammatuur Tarrik Barri Productie E Erin Coppens | Anna Molenaar Assistentie Anouk van Dijk Eugenia Demeglio | Nina Wollny Management Erin Coppens | Jerry Remkes Assistentie marketing Stéphanie Menger

speellijst 2008