Common Ground (2018 - present)

Amongst everything, is also just us. Common Ground by Artistic Director Anouk van Dijk is a choreographic game of chess where engrained rules are upturned by unexpected moves.

Showcasing two of Australia’s leading contemporary dancers, Tara Jade Samaya (ANTI-GRAVITY, Chunky Move) and Richard Cilli (CounterMove, Sydney Dance Company), Common Ground is an intricate encounter between two dance giants whose evocative duet ignites dualism, equality and betrayal.

Common Ground is a journey inside the multi-faceted relationships we build with the world around us, the relationships we build with each other and where we find common ground to stand on.


Concept, Choreography & Direction
Anouk van Dijk
Created for and with performers
Richard Cilli, Tara Jade Samaya
Lighting Design
Paul Jackson
Set & Costume Design
Marg Horwell
Composer & Sound Design
Jethro Woodward
Jerry Remkes