Complexity of Belonging (2014)

From a long-standing and critically lauded collaboration comes a daring, politically charged work from two of dance and theatre’s most unflinching makers.

Uniting the charged choreography and direction of Chunky Move Artistic Director, Anouk van Dijk and the text and direction of Falk Richter, Complexity of Belonging is the product of two masters at work.

 A powerful, darkly humorous exploration of identity in the age of social media, Complexity of Belonging peers into the lives of nine interconnected individuals as they grapple with the question: how and where do I belong? Nationality, gender, sexuality and history collide and fragment on stage in this audacious, theatrical exposé into the daily trials of surviving in a hyper-connected, hyper-sensitive, globalised society.

Complexity of Belonging is a masterful take on contemporary theatre, seamlessly integrating text, movement and music to create a work of theatre that is in and of its time.

A co-production between Chunky Move, Melbourne Theatre Company, Melbourne Festival, Brisbane Festival and Théâtre National de Chaillot.

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Touring history includes 42 performances between 2014-2018:
Melbourne (Melbourne Festival)
Wellington (New Zealand Festival)
Taipei (National Theatre)
Berlin (Schaubuehne)
Paris (Theatre de Chaillot)
Aarhus (Aarhus Festival)
Utrecht (Spring Festival / Stadsschouwburg Utrecht)
Amsterdam (ITA / Stadsschouwburg Amsterdam)
Rotterdam (Theater Rotterdam)
Brugge (December Dans / Concertgebouw Brugge)
Groningen (Stadsschouwburg Groningen)
Kerkrade (Theater Kerkrade)


 ***** “Virtuosity and emotion grace the opening of SPRING festival” Theaterkrant (Utrecht, 2015)

**** “Chunky Move’s cast is incredibly talented: everyone can do everything, the frontier between actor and dancer disappears.” Volkskrant (Utrecht, 2015)

“Clever and funny… Chunky Move is a true discovery” Danser (Paris, 2015)

****½ “utterly unforgettable… Seriously, just go.” ArtsHub (Melbourne, 2014)

**** “pulsating and often heartrending choreography by Anouk van Dijk… Go.” Time Out (Melbourne, 2014)

“Very rarely do I connect so deeply with a choreographic theatre performance… stunning movements, witty dialogues and, heart-wrenching emotions” Peril (Melbourne, 2014)

“Word and movement are intricately intertwined… Deeply moving and frequently hilarious… A must see.” Australian Stage (Melbourne, 2014)


Concept, Choreography & Direction:
Anouk van Dijk and Falk Richter
Falk Richter
Set Design:
Robert Cousins
Costume Design:
Mel Page
Lighting Design:
Niklas Pajanti
Malte Beckenbach
Nils Haarmann and Daniel Schlusser
Assistant Director:
Gary Abrahams
Choreographic Secondment:
Niharika Senapati

Joel Bray, Lauren Langlois, Alya Manzart, Eloise Mignon, Laura Jane Turner (New Zealand Festival season), James Vu Anh Pham, Stephen Phillips, Josh Price, Karen Sibbing and Tara Jade Samaya

Photo credits:
Sarah Walker
Jeff Busby
Jean Couturier