HEADS (2005)

HEADS is a contemporary dance performance revolving around five characters. In their hectic lives, full of impossible ambitions, there is little room left for reflection. They prefer to escape in sleep or take refuge in front of their computer. But for how long can they keep evading their doubts?

Anouk van Dijk’s work intriguingly combines virtuose dance with a strong theatrical concept. With tangible characters in an abstract setting, she creates powerful fairytale worlds in which everyday realities run smoothly into absurd fantasies. The human beings in the pieces are unenviable creatures, who miraculously however, never lose their optimism about a happy ending.

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premiere: 16 September 2005


‘Mrs Van Dijk demonstrated he perfect knowledge of all fashion methods of contemporary dance and ultra modern progress of light and sound technique.‘ Novie Izvestiya, The Newspaper, (Russia) 21 November 2005


concept and choreography Anouk van Dijk created for and with Philipp Fricke | Birgit Gunzl | David Hernandez | Angela Müller | Nina Wollny  stage and light design Marcel Schmalgemeijer dramaturgy Jerry Remkes music Es | Kozo Inada | Kaffe Matthews | Andy Moor | Sleazy Listeners | Velvolino rehearsal director Daniela Graça management Erin Coppens technical staff Armand Wouters | Robert Koletzki Anouk van Dijk's assistant Judith Hummel

speellijst 2005

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