Lucid (2016)

Heroes, icons, imagined worlds and censored dreams. We relentlessly create, monitor and edit our own image in response to an abundance of references and influences. In a hyperconscious world, how do we define ourselves?

L U C I D is an intimate work for two performers, multiple cameras and a screen, which interrogates how we imagine and reconstruct our identities.

A work by Artistic Director Anouk van Dijk, L U C I D sees performers Lauren Langlois and Stephen Phillips travel to places where they can be all that they desire, fear or censor. Shapeshifting in and out of other people’s skins, they confront themselves in reflections of others.

L U C I D reveals the many faces we present to the world; a culmination of the carefully crafted or those released by fearless abandon. 


“Langlois and Phillips are excellent, traversing the demands of movement, text and physical performance in a work that offers beautiful moments ” The Age

“Anouk van Dijk’s latest and most intriguing work for the Company. […] Langlois and Phillips navigate their frenetic material with sublime intensity” The Australian

“L U C I D is a prime example of what can happen when a dream team of technicians and performers take high-end video systems and lay them within the landscape of a duet” The Herald Sun


Concept, Direction & Choreography
Anouk van Dijk
Created for and with performers
Lauren Langlois and Stephen Phillips
Set & Lighting Design
Ben Cobham – bluebottle
Composition & Sound Design
Jethro Woodward
Anny Mokotow
Costume Design
Chloe Greaves
Video Realisation
Blair Hart
Video System Design
Pete Brundle and James Sandri – PDA

Production Manager
Michael Carr
Stage Manager
Chay Moran
Video & Lighting Operator
Andre Vanderwert
Rehearsal / Artistic Assistant
Tara Jade Samaya
Choreographic Secondment
Luigi Vescio
Dance Secondment
Kara Burdack

Images by Pippa Samaya