Out of the Blue (2021)

From Bach to Björk, expect the unexpected in this musical journey from Bach to Björk. Skånes Dansteater joins forces with Malmö Opera Orchestra and Malmö Opera Children's Choir in Out of the Blue, a new work by acclaimed Dutch choreographer Anouk van Dijk.


Out of the Blue departs from creation myths present in cultures throughout history until present day, as a group emerge from an abstracted blue world. They collect, invent and parade artefacts from lost, threatened or imagined worlds in ever-changing processions, uniting, colliding and joining forces again.

Ancient rituals turn into commerce, pagan beliefs merge with seasonal feasts, humans transform into cyborg plants. Out of the Blue celebrates the power of the imagination, and the resilience to adapt to unstable conditions as we prepare for a future yet unknown.

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Concept, choreography, direction Anouk van Dijk

Choreographer's Assistant Jenia Kasatkina

Music Johann Sebastian Bach, Björk, Michael Gordon, Mikael Karlsson, Igor Stravinskij, Kevin Volans

Arrangements Bob Zimmerman

Conductor Daniela Musca.

Set and light design Theun Mosk.

Costume design Jessica Helbach.