On October 27 2010, Anouk van Dijk and Falk Richter presented at the schaubühne berlin the world premiere of their new collaboration, PROTECT ME. The work is performed by actors from the schaubühne and dancers from anoukvandijk.

In PROTECT ME, people find themselves in a state of disorientation. Their lives have taken root in the global crisis and in vain they now seek support with each other. Despite their troublesome situation, they try to approach their future expectantly. As in the performance TRUST, PROTECT ME weaves together political themes and physical explosiveness, often creating a humorous perspective on human relations. PROTECT ME is a search for who we really are and how we can be of value to one another.

PROTECT ME is a coproduction by the schaubühne berlin with anoukvandijk dc and European theater network Prospero.

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Premiere: October 27th 2010
Duration: ca. 2 hrs


Again, yhe dialogue between text and dance is very successful; merry and grotesque textcascades and characteristic dance solos of solitude are convincing.' Berliner Zeitung

The consistent implementation of the themes is the strongest point of the evening. Frankfurter Rundschau


direction and choreography Falk Richter | Anouk van Dijk created for and with Philipp Fricke | Angie Lau | Erhard Marggraf | Franz Rogowski | Judith Rosmair | Kay Bartholomäus Schulze | Stefan Stern | Luise Wolfram | Nina Wollny music Malte Beckenbach | Matthias Grübel dramaturgy Bernd Stegemann stage design Katrin Hoffmann costumes Daniela Selig light design Carsten Sander