Pushing Air (2007)

Pushing Air is what dancers Philipp Fricke, Birgit Gunzl, Angela Lau and Nina Wollny literally do in this performance. They organise and reorganise the space with simple variations in movement, rhythm and dynamics

Falling bodies, clapping hands, limbs trembling with exhaustion - depending on the context, the images tell a different story every time. In Pushing Air, reality and imagination slowly merge into one another as in a dream, following an impalpable yet inevitable logic. A pure, intense experience.


‘Anouk van Dijk has gone back to basics, where dance is just hard work. Where one does not need melodies, but the whole can be reduced to a kind of movement in a theatrical and melodic sounds.‘ Felia Boerwinkel, Deadline, 14 February 2007

‘A strong image that shows the dramatic idea -of losing grip and the powerlessness that this arises- of Pushing Air toonzet.‘ Sander Hiskemuller, Trouw, 15 February 2007


concept and choreography Anouk van Dijk in collaboration with David Hernandez created for and with: Philipp Fricke | Birgit Gunzl | Angie Lau | Nina Wollny set design Anouk van Dijk  | Koen van Oosterhout sound design Anton Abbes | Jorn van Dijk | David Hernandez costumes Ellis op 't Landt | Marjon Leek dramaturgy Jerry Remkes technical staff Jorrit Boerman | Pepijn van der Sanden assistant Anouk van Dijk Nina Wollny | Neta Rutenberg management Erin Coppens | Jerry Remkes management assistant Margit Boudesteijn with special thanks to Marcel Schmalgemeijer, Dogtroep

speellijst 2007