Safe Places (2016)

Falling barriers, people trapped and hemmed in by fences, crumbling institutions or an economically flourishing, democratic state, comprising of unity, diversity and peace. These are the two differing stories of Europe. Europe is in many ways a hybrid, a tense mixture of contradictions. How is this played out? How should we respond to outbreaks of xenophobia and nationalistic self-assertion? Is the search for a European cultural identity the correct path to follow or a trap that makes us question only the boundaries?

Playwright and director Falk Richter and choreographer, director and dancer Anouk van Dijk will try to find answers to these, and other, questions, against the backdrop of the current crises, personal stories and social themes, along with private and political strategies for dealing with the challenges of an open society in Europe.


Concept, direction and choreography: Anouk van Dijk and Falk Richter
Text: Falk Richter