Shot (2006)

SHOT is dance you have never seen before: sweat, spead, theatre and unexpected movements. Sitten at four sides of the dancefloor, you'll experience the performance in an intensive way.

Anouk van Dijk's electrifying choreography SHOT draws the viewer into highly athletic dramas in which dancers fly in opposite directions and are pulled together again with dazzling speed and precision. The show was awarded in 2008 by The Netherlands premier summer festival the Boulevard of Broken Dreams with the Prize for Best Production.


‘Anouk van Dijk’s “Shot,” is a hurtling, propulsive piece for four excellent dancers, who succeeded in inflecting their rolling, tumbling, sinuously whipping movement with enough variation to keep our interest through the relentlessly kinetic piece.‘ Roslyn Sulcas, The New York Times, 15 September 2009

The dancing in Shot is technical and extreme, voluble and highly kinetic. Dalia Ratnikas, The Brooklyn Rail, Oktober 2009


Choreography Anouk van Dijk Created for and with Philipp Fricke | Angela Müller | Eva-Maria Schaller | Birgit Gunzl | Nina Wollny Music Battles | Plaid & Bob Jacob | Malte Beckenbach | Robert van Heumen Light Design Koen van Oosterhout Technique Jorrit Boerman Production Erin Coppens | Anna Molenaar

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