Situations (2007)

In the work Situations Anouk van Dijk develops a dialogue with the most noteworthy of Dutch ballet masters, Hans van Manen. His now legendary work Situation caused an uproar at it’s premiere in 1970 by making explicit references to war, violence and sexuality.

Hans van Manen’s work was Anouk van Dijk’s first acquaintance with dance in the early eighties; in each of his pieces she has always admired the clarity of his compositions, the often sexual tension in the relationships between the men and women on the stage, and his sense of humour. She only knew the choreography Situation from a few pictures in a book offering a retrospective of his work; the piece especially intrigued her because it looked so dramatic and emanated an almost aggressive atmosphere - an atmosphere she did not recognise from his later work.

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The Cover project formed an excellent opportunity for Van Dijk to study this piece by Van Manen more closely. In her remake of Situation she will be retaining some of the basic elements form the original, but with her own dancers she will be shaping the rest of the performance in her own unique way.

In her remake of this landmark choreography Anouk van Dijk explores the themes of the original piece in the context of the 21st century, while at the same time keeping a clear auditory and visual relation to Van Manen’s original.


‘Thundering applause for a great dance performance.‘ Klaus Keil, Kölnische Rundschau, 1 september 2008

Situations is one of the few pieces of the Düsseldorf Dance Festival that every festival should program.‘, 31 augustus 2008


Concept and choreography Anouk van Dijk Created for and with Elita Cannata | Peter Cseri | Jack Gallagher | Eva-Maria Himmler | Jacopo Jenna | Angie Lau | Nina Wollny Set design Jean-Paul Vroom Licht design Jorrit Boerman | Anouk van Dijk Sound design Jorn van Dijk (with music from o.a. FM3 en Zimoun)
Dramatury Jerry Remkes Production Erin Coppens | Anna Molenaar (ass.)
Technical crew Jorrit Boerman | Jan Willem Crul Assistent Anouk van Dijk Gareth Hart Decor design Ascon de Nijs | Ellen Windhorst | Gert Jan Brinkman Costumes Anouk van Dijk | Marjon Leek

speellijst 2007

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