STAU (2004)

The performance STAU (2004) has an extraordinary position within the repertoire of anoukvandijk dc. The performance has been touring worldwide for years and keeps changing and developing. The project originated from Anouk van Dijk’s long time wish to create a large scale, two part performance that would first confront the audience in a very small space with a group of dancers and would then let the audience roam a very large space. 

STAU dissolves traditional theatrical boundaries to examine the relationship between audience and performer - and transforms the experience of contemporary dance. A confined square stage opens out to an expansive, limitless space; the audience abandons its chairs and roams free between the dancers. Intimate, exact gestures expand into dynamic, spectacular movements - executed with exhilarating speed and precision. As STAU develops and spaces shift, the relationship between spectator and performer becomes increasingly involved and connected. Playful, humorous, moving, endearing and theatrical, STAU's physical proximity evolves into emotional intimacy.

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Invitations to perform this unconventional performance worldwide gave us changes to keep researching different elements of the performance.
Several versions came to existence, with less or more (local) dansers. The choreography grows or shrinks with every new performance and the dancers developed an admirable ability to adapt their actions and movement material rapidly to the situation at hand.

We keep touring and developing the performance to be able to bring both our audiences and ourselves new and unexpected dance experiences. New international tour dates will be published soon.

Premiere: 11 February 2004
Duration: ca. 1 hour and 15 minutes


‘STAU is a striking statement, both artistically and sociologically, and a privilege to experience.‘ The Advertiser (AUS)

‘STAU is raw energy. This energy turns us back into the world with fresh eyes, ready to experience it through every pore in the body.‘ Berkshire Eagle (VS)

‘STAU is a performance piece made with dance but giving an experience that goes beyond enjoyment and appreciation of the art form.‘ Sydney Morning Herald (AUS)


concept and choreography Anouk van Dijk created for and with Nina Wollny | Birgit Gunzl | Philipp Fricke | Yichun Liu music Robert van Heumen light Isabel Nielen | Koen van Oosterhout | Anouk van Dijk dramaturgy Jerry Remkes rehearsal director Nina Wollny technicians Koen Oosterhout | Richard Bierhuizen



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