Suna no Onna (2003)

Suna no Onna was inspired by the book Woman In The Dunes (1963) by the Japanese writer Kobo Abe. In the book Abe depicts a world where the sand, the heat, and the threat of a water shortage alternately drive people closer together and set them against each other, a world where instincts are stronger than rational consideration.

For the performance Suna no Onna, the images and atmospheres conjured up by the sand and the water form the binding elements between music and dance. Together they summon the sensations of being locked up and being stifled, of pleasure, surrender, and escape.

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Bass player and composer Tony Overwater graduated from the Royal Conservatoire in The Hague in 1989. Overwater's sound and his idiosyncratic playing have brought him the reputation worldwide of being one of the most outstanding bass players of the past years. On 29 January 2003 he received the prestigious VPRO Boy Edgar Award for his complete works.

Anouk van Dijk and Tony Overwater’s previous collaborations include the successful performances Pink Chinese Restaurants (1995), My Jester (1996), Ex/imago (1996), eter/ether (1997) and Alex's Remix (1998).


‘Anouk van Dijk is venturing in the realm of surrealists, and therefore she causes four dancers as extras to life in a Dali-esque scene.‘ Eva van Schaik, Trouw

‘A wandering dancer with a devilish smile is wrapped in a rustle cellophane paper. In the prone position makes her other half small shocks with the hipjoints and interprets the carnal desire.‘ Evelyn de Roos, Folia


concept Anouk van Dijk | Tony Overwater choreography Anouk van Dijk music Tony Overwater composition Tony Overwater | Maarten Ornstein dancers Peter Cseri | Jack Gallagher | Michael Jahoda | Nina Wollny musicians Maarten Ornstein (klarinet, tarogato) | Tony Overwater (contrabas) | Michiel Weidner (cimbalon, cello) | Joost Lijbaart (slagwerk) costumes Oscar Suleyman stage design Marcel Schmalgemeijer

speellijst 2003