TRUST (2009)

In TRUST, Van Dijk and Richter explore, together with their dancers and actors, the shaky foundations of today’s society. What sort of effect does the present economic and political crisis have on the bond between people? In what can you still place trust, if the ideals of independence and modern radical individualism are shattered before your own eyes?

In a production of strongly interwoven dance and theatre, we catch a glimpse of the complex world in which modern man finds himself. TRUST is a coproduction of the schaubühne berlin and anoukvandijk dc, and will be executed by performers from both ensembles, Anouk van Dijk herself amongst them.

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Over ten years ago, choreographer Anouk van Dijk created the production Nothing Hurts in collaboration with the German director and author Falk Richter. This production delved into the innumerable and overwhelming opportunities offered by the society of the time. Nothing Hurts was selected for the Berliner Theatertreffen and toured all over Europe with great success.

Van Dijk and Richter always kept an eye on one another and remained fascinated by each other’s multi-layered way of working, different forms of expression and urge to reflect on the spirit of the times. In 2009, they got to work together again at last, and this collaboration has resulted in TRUST.

The performances abroad will be subtitled.

Premiere: October 10th 2009
Duration: ca. 1 hour 45 minutes


‘TRUST is an intelligent, aesthetically enticing, and, in part, extremely entertaining voice and body performance.‘ Anne Peter, taz, October 12th, 2009

‘A brilliant fusion of images, movement, and speech.‘ Eberhard Spreng,, October 11th, 2009

‘A ravishing mix of movement and words about the effects of the economic crisis on life and our relationships.‘ Bernhard Kungel, 3sat, October 11th, 2009


direction and choreography Falk Richter | Anouk van Dijk text Falk Richter created for and with Malte Beckenbach | Peter Cseri | Angie Lau | Lea Draeger | Jack Gallagher | Vincent Redetzki | Judith Rosmair | Kay Bartholomäus Schulze | Stefan Stern | Nina Wollny stage design Katrin Hoffmann costumes Daniela Selig music Malte Beckenbach dramaturgy Jens Hillje light design Carsten Sander photo Heiko Schäfer