Women of the World - Bliss (2007)

The performance Bliss is made in cooperation with the Beijing Modern Dance Company. Bliss is a performance in which the poetry and similarity of the Chinese culture, and the chaos and desperation of the contemporary Western world get confronted. Together with Offering, Bliss forms the double program Women of the World.

The title Women of the World finds it source in the combination of the two female choreographers that create this double bill, the Chinese Yanjinzi Gao and the Dutch Anouk van Dijk. Two strong, resolute women, just in their forties, who during the last ten years built their own dance company– and who both combine their artist life with motherhood. Two women coming from completely different cultures, with differing norms, values and traditions, but at the same time two women who are in many ways universally ‘women’.

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The Beijing Modern Dance Company is the most renomated Chinese modern dance company. The company was founded in 1995 and has gained international fame with its surprising performances that mix the rich Chinese visual tradition with technically exceptionally high grade dance. The last few years BMDC toured with great success through Asia, Australia, North-America and South America; the coming season they’ll be performing extensively in Europe. During the Holland Dance Festival 2007 BMDC presented the world premiere of the work Women of the World.


‘Anouk van Dijk created a stunning performance.‘ Ingrid van Frankenhuyzen, NRC Next, 19 November 2007

‘A sounddecor of bass tones and soundbowls confirm the ominous character of the exciting Dutch guestchoeography at China's most important modern dance company.‘ Annette Embrechts, Volkskrant, 12 November 2007

‘This is a strong work that grips you from start to finish, a collaboration that brings out the best in both parties.‘ Ali Mahbouba, Dance Europe, January 2008


Choreography Anouk van Dijk Dancers GAO Yanjinzi | SHI Xiaojuan | CHAOKE | TAO Ye | CAO Peizhong | WANG Tao | WANG Hao | XIN Xin | YANG Chang Lighting Design Amelia Davies | Anouk van Dijk Costumes ZHONG Jiani | Ah Kuan Music FM3 featuring Merja Kokkonen Dramaturgy Jerry Remkes Artistic assistant Nina Wollny

speellijst 2007