Wowwowwonders in me (2010)

A metal bucket, a lamp, a trench coat and a top hat – that’s all that Anouk van Dijk’s four dancers need to transform the stage into a world where human control appears to be an illusion.

In Wowwowwonders in me, Anouk van Dijk abstracts the uncertain times in which we find ourselves. In a bleak white landscape, grotesque figures literally determine what is visible and what remains hidden. Their role in the disaster we sense approaching, however, is hard to interpret: are they instigator or victim, spectator or director? In a world that is out of control, the four figures find their way, driven by the need not to face things alone.

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The production Wowwowwonders in me is inspired by the work of the painter Nik Christensen, whose paintings portray ominous scenes, in which insecure beings move through an unpredictable world. In his work, Christensen touches on the heart of the explosive times in which we live. Our world is changing rapidly and it is uncertain whether we are all heading towards a disaster or whether we are actually turning the tide.

Premiere: 4 March 2010
Duration: ca. 1 hour and 15 minutes


‘Forbidding or hopeful: the oppressiveness is felt in the silence before or after the storm. Choreographer Anouk van Dijk captures this oppressiveness on a stage like a monochrome white canvas, on which she succeeds in suggesting a beautiful twilit world with dance and light.‘ Sander Hiskemuller, Trouw, 9 March 2010

‘From the start, the movement language is like we know it from Anouk van Dijk: fragmented and thoroughly composed. A body never shoots off in one direction, but always tries out several directions with different limbs. A fall is also a jump at the same time. The way of moving, like the lighting, produces restlessness and turns the dancers into uncertain, searching, but also inventive beings.‘ Mirjam van der Linden, Volkskrant, 8 March 2010.

‘How should you behave in a world you don’t understand? Which doesn’t understand you? In which you feel lonely, even in the midst of others. The four dancers in Wowwowwonders in me show what it’s like to live in a world where human control is an illusion.‘ Annelies Omvlee,, 10 March 2010


concept / choreography / stage design Anouk van Dijk created for and with Peter Cseri | Birgit Gunzl | Philipp Fricke | Yi-chun Liu music Dirk Haubrich
artistic advice and props Nik Christensen costumes Anneke Pleiter
light design Anouk van Dijk | Jorrit Boerman video Vincent Fenger dramaturgy Annette van Zwoll rehearsal director Nina Wollny assistant to Anouk van Dijk Eilit Marom technical realisation Jorrit Boerman (hd) | Roland van der Grinten | Adriaan de Geus set construction Anton Abbes production management Heleen Rol (hd) | Marloes Sliedrecht

speellijst 2010